Below you can find frequently asked questions about Navbar Apps app.

  • My buttons are grey or any other color than white. How can I change that?

    Sadly, that is not possible. Android by default makes your virtual on-screen buttons dim (or gray) after some time to save your screen from burn-in issue. Navbar Apps can't change that.

  • Why Navbar Apps needs a microphone permission?

    Microphone permission is needed to access android os music equalizer (available in android audio tools). This feature is used in music widget inside of the app and nowhere else.

    Also, Navbar Apps (system to be precise) by default keeps this permission disabled so you dont have to worry about developers using it without your consent.

  • May I get a refund of my purchase?

    To request a refund, please follow the instructions found inside the mail (from Google Play) received after purchase.
    You can get refund within 48 hours of purchase.

  • Color of Navigation Bar changes to different color few seconds after opening an app

    Some app is gaining focus, instead of the app that you've opened.
    Please make sure you've added all apps with overlays to blacklist of apps enabled from detection.

    If that does not fix your issue, please go to Navbar Apps About screen inside of the app, press 10x on Navbar Apps title and select debug screen with last detections. Check which app is causing unwanted coloring and add it to blacklist again.

  • Can I make my Navigation Bar transparent all time?

    Sadly, no. Navbar Apps can only draw color OVER original Navigation Bar. Android OS does not allow Navbar Apps to make Navigation Bar to be opaque per app basis.

  • I've upgraded app to pro version but I don't have pro features enabled

    Sometimes Google Play takes more time to update your purchases. Sadly, we don't know why that happens.
    To fix the issue, please try to clean Google Play data in Android settings and try again to get premium version of the app.

  • I have LG phone and Navbar Apps does not work properly on my device

    On some LG phones and tablets, Navbar Apps might not work properly after installation. To fix reported issues, please set scaling of Navbar Apps to 16:9 in display/apps settings.

  • How can I import custom image downloaded from Navbar Apps community page?

    Open Custom Image settings and press three dots in top right corner to show import option.

  • Privacy Policy

    Navbar Apps app does not collect any of your data directly. All we do is make your Navigation Bar look amazing :)

    Advertising IDs and any cookies are used only to show ads inside the app or are needed by some online services - this might introduce some data collection by AdMob, Billing Client for In App Purchases (Google Play) and Firebase (Google Cloud Services).

    To know more about these services, please visit their official websites.

    Permission "RECORD_AUDIO" is used only to gain access to Android equalizer, which allows Navbar Apps to show Music Visualization on Navigation Bar. If you see any usage of this permission in Battery Settings or in any of System Apps, then that means Android OS wanted to show some sound on Navbar Apps Equalizer Navigation Bar widget. Navbar Apps does not record anything in background.

  • How can I contact you?

    You can contact us at